Monday, July 27, 2009

Project Mayhem

I am finally done with my class and can show you all of the many projects I have been doing lately.

These have not been made into anything yet. They could either be hair clips or brooches.

Here are some more fancy bobby pins.

This puppy is from my printmaking class. He glows in the dark! I have several of him, which I would like to sell, but the dimensions are a bit strange and do not fit any of the flat mailers I have.

Then of course, there is the wedding projects. I printed the front of out invitations. This project was more crazy than I had anticipated, simply because several days after printing the ink was still tacky.

I had these things took up every flat surface of my room, then into the hall and the guest room. Over 200 of them. And I still have to go through and do heat embossing on each one, and then print the backsides. TONS of work, but totally worth it all.

And here is a sneak peak of the painting I am making for Sarah.


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Girl Land said...

The anticipation! :) Can't wait. xo

Love the invites!!!