Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sing A Song

Chris came to visit me yesterday!

The True Value near us just added a resale section to it, strangely. It seems like a desperate attempt to stay in business. Anyway, they have an amazing selection of vinyl albums, for much less than most of them are worth - $1. Chris was so excited. I don't really remember exactly what he bought, but I know it included the Who, Pink Floyd, Bob Dylan, & Elton John. I did find one that I absolutely freaked out over. Sergei Prokofiev's Peter and the Wolf is probably my favorite music composition. I already have a nice set on 78's, but when I saw this 33, I was very excited. Then I began to look closer and realized that it is narrated my David Bowie. And to top it all off, I slid it out to inspect the condition and saw that the record is made of clear green vinyl! I HAD to have it.

Later that night we drove out to the Beva Cafe for an open mic night that Chris and our friend Curtis were both playing at. It was a pretty small and young crowd, but I love any excuse to hear Chris perform.

(Jenny Lewis)

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