Friday, October 2, 2009


There was much rejoicing today at Spudnik as we heard the news that Chicago is out of the running for the Olympics.

A few weeks ago Kym and I watched a documentary about the Chicago Worlds Fair, and how the buildings were made mostly for appearance, and cost a lot to build. After the fair ended, most things fell into disrepair and ruin. As we watched I could not help but picture the same aftermath for the Olympics. Not to mention that Chicago has already gone through so much gentrification, and the Olympics would undoubtedly create more of the same. I have wanted to get the opportunity to live here for so long, and after this semester I really hope to be able to come back. Had Chicago gotten the Olympics, I do not think there would be any possibility for me to stay here. The cost of living would skyrocket, and the crowds would be unbearable.

(Green Day)

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