Tuesday, September 29, 2009

China Girl

Today I went on an epic adventure to Chinatown. I don't think I posted photos of these before, but when I was in San Fransisco I found these amazing cookies at a grocery store in Japantown.

Seriously, this is the coolest candy ever. Well, I finally found them after much searching in the Chinatown mall, and bought several boxes. I am planning to use them as cupcake toppers. I will post pictures when that happens.

When I found the tree stumps, this box also caught my eye.

I had to buy it, and I sure am glad I did. They are delicious!

I did not explore that much of Chinatown, but it seemed pretty dirty and run down. I think I prefer the one in San Francisco, but I will go back and look around more another time.

I went to Goodwill’s website and used their store locator and saw that one of the locations was close to where I was going to be shopping today, but when I got there it turned out to be their corporate office – no store. Then later when I was finished with the other shopping I had planned, I set out to find the Goodwill store. As I was strolling along and snacking on Goldfish crackers I passed a panhandler. I waved to him in a way, which said I acknowledge you, but I won’t be giving you any money. Then he somewhat interested said “Ohhh… fish…” and as I offered them to him he extended his cup and I poured some into it. It was a pleasant exchange, probably the best I have had; it put me in a very good mood. I never know how to deal with panhandlers. I usually walk by, maybe saying hello and smiling, but sometimes I feel guilty that I smile even though I’m not giving them anything. It just makes me so nervous because you never know the situation and where the money will go. (Plus, I rarely carry any cash with me anyway.) It is a lot easier though now that I live here, and see which people are at those same spots each day. It gets easier to tell who is genuine.

I realized that I really didn’t know much about the location of Goodwill, and it would involve more walking than I really wanted to do after a long day, so I hopped onto a bus heading home. A lady sitting across from me complimented my engagement ring and that struck up a great conversation. She wanted to know all about it and took notes on her phone to go to and look for Danielle Maveal. The conversation continued and we talked about public transportation and cars, the pros and cons of each depending on city or suburban dwelling. As she got up to leave she said it was nice to have met and talked. I agreed. I am glad I tried to find Goodwill, and it did not matter one bit that I never made it because I had two very good interactions with people I may never have seen otherwise.

*Lazy moment: I did not my own photos for this entry. Each one links back to where I found it.*

(David Bowie)

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