Monday, November 23, 2009

Do It Yourself

On Saturday I went to the DIY Trunk Show and it was a blast! Of course, I wanted to buy so much stuff, but here is what I actually ended up with:

I could not resist this little print from because of the toaster.

I got quite a bargain at Mother of Hermes Press. She had a $1 bargain bin of cards, and a whole pile of gift tags to choose from that were free with purchase! I picked out a five pack of this gorgeous orange lady. (All of it is letterpress)

Paper Parasol has so many fantastic designs! I bought several of these cards, which are also letterpress.

She is having an art giveaway this week! Look!

And of course, there was a cornucopia of free stuff to be had!

Some of the items came from a table where they had free stuff but you had to let them record you telling a story in order to get it. I picked up a sketchbook made of recycled materials, and this funny book with diagrams of sleeping positions and what they say about a person.

But the crown jewel of my free goods is this Leave it to Beaver button.

The show takes place every year in the Pulaski Park field house, which is also where the Holiday Renegade Craft Fair takes place. It is just around the corner and I can't wait!

(Uniting Nations)

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