Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Long Time Coming

I have not been a diligent blogger while since I came to Chicago. My schedule is just so crazy that I forget to stop and update. On top of that, I never remember to bring my camera with me to take pictures. I guess for some of the more interesting things it wouldn't matter anyway because cameras are not allowed inside. So I have grabbed several images online to recap some of our exciting events. Every week I go to a different event for my Arts and the City class, then we write a reflection and discuss it the following week in class. It is so much fun, but it sure keeps me busy and worn out! Over the last month we went to the Joffrey Ballet performance of Othello.

The next week we went to the Chicago Symphony Orchestra

Just in time for Halloween we were off to the MCA to see the Hypocrites theater group performing their Frankenstein. It was Amazing!

The woman in the bottom picture came in for a Q & A with our whole class. I was very excited because this was one of my favorite events we have gone to. We were not in seats like at a normal theater. We were walking around on the stage with the performers. If they pointed to you it meant to get out of the way so that they could get through. It made everyone become part of the performance.


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