Thursday, December 31, 2009

Moma, You Been On My Mind

I am excited to announce that I have started a new blog! I am starting a new project, which hopefully will develop into my senior project this semester. I call it Tell Me About Your Mother

Last spring in my history of design class we talked about changing roles of women over time in relation to the design of household objects. It really got me thinking about the way that woman's roles seem to have come full circle. Liberated women have returned to domestic hobbies like sewing and baking, while juggling careers and families. With that whole concept in the back of my mind, I made another realization this semester. Although both of my parents have encouraged my artistic nature my whole life, my mother has always been the more hands on one. She taught me to knit, sew, cross stitch, etc. She is always eager to try making things ourselves instead of buying them.

As I started to link the two together and thought about the long history of mothers passing down things to their children, but it seems this tradition may have gotten lost somewhere along the line. I would really like to hear from other people's moms; anecdotes, recipes, advice, photos, whatever! Then I can take those contributions and incorporate them into my project.

Just leave a comment on my other blog, or send me an e-mail to participate. You can find the link to it here, or over on the left side at the top. I can't wait to hear from you!

(Bob Dylan)

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