Thursday, February 18, 2010

Plenty Of Paper

I don't think I have taken the time to rave about how much I love the French Paper Company. Last semester one of the first things I asked Angee was what kind of paper she recommended for printmaking. She said that they mostly order from French Paper. I looked into it, and it was as if the heavens had opened up! They are such a fantastic company! Not only do they have great paper, ideal for silkscreen, but they also have fantastic designers. On top of all of that is the French Paper Run of the Mill Club. You buy their paper, then send them back a sample of whatever you used it for and they will send you back a box of free stuff! I have done this three times now, and this is what I ended up with from my last exchange:

A card game, notebooks, buttons, and magnets. If you go here you can see some better photos of the stuff, as well as some of their other promotions.

They also just posted this video!

French Mill Tour from French Paper on Vimeo.


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