Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Melody Of A Fallen Tree

Today another part of the dead tree in our backyard fell over, causing a small electrical fire, and ripping out part of a power line that sent out gunshot-esque boom that drew neighbors out of their houses (not to mention cut out the power.)

I went outside to work on a project, and not not a moment too soon it seems. Not 5 minutes after I got outside, I heard a strange creaking and rushing of wind. I turned around and watched in horror as a tree toppled over toward my house! Luckily, it was too short to reach the house. I ran inside to get my parents, and when I came back out there was smoke everywhere! The fire put itself out as quickly as it began, and my dad called the fire department. The firemen were very nice, and they stayed with us until Com Ed arrived (though they took there sweet time getting to us!)

This tree originally had about three trunks, and has been dead since we moved in. Funny thing is, a few years back Com Ed had to come out to take care of one of the trunks that had fallen. It didn't cause as much damage the first time, but my dad suggested they take the rest of it out. They said "Oh no. It's fine to leave it." Once again, they did not want to mes with the rest of the tree, so we still have one large dead tree trunk out back, right next to the power lines.

(Windsor For The Derby)

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