Tuesday, June 22, 2010

On The Table

Here is my latest dumpster dive:

While collecting scraps for 4th of July float building, Ben pointed out that one of them looked like an Ikea tabletop. I noted that it seemed to just need some new legs attached, so he suggested that I take it. I looked it up on the Ikea site and found this:

It is the same color and dimensions, but appears to be twice as thick as the one I found online. Although mine is a bit beaten up, this a still a $120 tabletop. For those who don't know, Ikea has a lovely setup in the "workspace" section, where you pick your table top, then pick your legs. (That is where I got my Drafting/light box table that I am so in love with.) I am not sure if I want to touch it up, or repaint it completely. I don't really have a place to put anymore large furniture right now anyway, so this may be put to the side for a bit.

Oh the things people throw away... It is great to be next to a college campus for that reason. When people have to load up a car and drive far away, they tend to leave a lot of nice things behind for lack of space. Not to mention the cast offs that come from when different departments move or re-model! A couple years back the Education department moved to a new building and I found this beautiful treasure by the dumpster:

(Picture coming soon! I promise!)

It was still there at night so I decided to take it, which turned out to be a huge struggle, mostly for Chris and Nate who were sweet enough to help me out. It is made of metal and glass, so it was super heavy, and did not fit in my little car. Since it was night I didn't see that each section actually comes apart when you remove the screws... oops! At least it will be easy to move later on.

I can't believe someone didn't want these! Their loss is my gain!

(A.C. Newman)

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