Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Shop Around

Just a few days after getting back from vacation with the fam, I hopped in a car with some friends to head back up to Michigan - again. It was fantastic! We went to some wine tastings, and hung out at the beach, Myla and I collected some sweet stones that had been polished by the water for her to make jewelry with. The power went out the next morning during a thunderstorm, so we headed home. It was still a great trip.

The final thing on my summer calendar of events was the North Halsted Market Days Concert this past Sunday. Joan Jett and the Blackhearts were the headliners!!! Chris and I took my sister and her friend Claire with us for what turned out to be a mind blowing experience! The weather was so hot, and people were crammed together on top a ridiculous amount of litter, but that all seemed to fade away when they took the stage and began to play one of my all time favorite songs, Bad Reputation.


I got all caught up on some photos now that I have batteries in my camera. Here is some of the great stuff I found in some thrift stores in Michigan.

You can never have too many fancy frames. I picked up some nice little ones AND a kit with molds and plaster so I can make my own! Yay! Adorable hand-painted owl. I could not resist his charm. The little framed bird is actually fabric in the middle, and made in Italy. Fancy! The dollhouse and picture holder will make for good product displays when I'm done with them.

Another suitcase. Yeah. I love them.

And for all of that I only spent about $10! I have a black belt in shopping.

(Smokey Robinson & The Miracles)

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Girl Land said...

AW MAN!!! Where'd you get all that stuff?????? I love the dollhouse the most. Adorbs. Good job. xo