Monday, July 28, 2008

Summer's Cake

Today I decided to bake a cinnamon applesauce cake (even though my mother tells me that it is a fall thing. Sorry mom, I just love it too much to wait for fall.) It is my favorite thing to bake because it has very few ingredients and it is pretty simple and successful. I recently remembered that my aunt had given us these adorable French aprons. This one still had the tags on it. Under the picture it says 'pomme' We also have a blue one with a snail, or should I say escargot! Oh how fun it was when we had relatives in Europe...

My kitchen productivity continues with some 'cinnamon sunset' iced tea, and later on Chris and I will be making some mixed berry popsicles. I guess I am getting more comfortable in the kitchen, as long as I don't have to touch raw meat it's all good. I decided to put together my own scrapbook style cookbook with all of my favorite recipes of my mother's. If you know of anywhere I can find some good retro kitchen images for it please let me know.

I bought this crazy curling iron recently.

Yep. It's hot pink, and it lights up different colors. Since my hair is curly I always thought that there was no reason to have one but it actually makes things so much better. I can curl my hair and since it has a natural tendency to curl it actually holds in place really well.

I also bought some Velcro hair curlers, which my family really enjoyed seeing. My dad proceeded to call me by as many old lady names as he could think of. Blanch was my personal favorite.

(John Swihart)

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