Sunday, October 25, 2009

It Takes Two

I am very excited to say that two years ago today Christopher and I went out on our first date. Chris came to Chicago to celebrate and surprisingly the weather was great! It has been nothing but cold and rainy lately, but today the sun was out and we didn't even need a coat or umbrella. We headed over to the Lincoln Park Farm-in-the-zoo. We were disappointed to find that none of their petting facilities were being run, and all we could do was look at the animals from afar. Maybe they are paranoid about swine flu.

Chris was shocked to see rabbits that were larger than his pet cats. If I wasn't allergic to them, I would love to have a huge (litter trained) bunny hopping around my apartment. We spent most of our time watching chicks. There were two that had just hatched, and then a cage full of the ones that were several days old. The most entertaining moment was when a tiny bug crawled along the outside bottom edge of the cage and several chicks dove for it. They were loudly chirping and shoving one another aside while frantically pecking at the glass trying to get the bug. It was hysterical!

On the way back we saw two kids who were dressed up for Halloween (not sure why so early.) The little girl was completely decked out as Alice! Blue dress with card suit trim, black and white striped tights, long blond wig, black bow - so adorable. And to make it even better, the man standing next to her was holding a baby dressed as the Cheshire cat! She had a purple and pink striped body suit with a furry tail and ears, with whiskers drawn on her face. I was so excited.

Then we took a walk to an adorable little store called P.O.S.H. They had tons of Jadeite dishes for sale, but the only piece I could really afford was this adorable salt cellar. (That link will show you to the product page, but they don't have pictures of mine.)

We exchanged gifts, which is always a very exciting event. I went back to Sucker's Candy, a place we had once visited on valentines day and picked out an assortment of candies. Then I was off to the Bleeding Heart Bakery to pick up a chocolate on top of chocolate cupcake, which I forgot to take a picture of, sorry! Christopher got me some things I have had my eye on from Bake It Pretty.

Mint flavored chocolate melts (which are just the color of Jadeite!) and a vintage button mold to mold the chocolates. I can't wait to get started using it!

Chris made pancakes around lunch time and a delicious stir fry meal for dinner. I was definitely spoiled by him. I can't wait to see what the next two years, and all the years after that will hold for us.

(Marvin Gaye & Kim Weston)

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